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Resources and other safe stuff

Clear signage, bespoke messaging and clarity of information play an integral part of staff, customer, and client safety. That’s why we’ve compiled a series of mini safety signage and product catalogues, bespoke to the different industries we work in.

We’ve also got some great resources that will help you to keep your safety in check.

Hazard Checklist

Make sure all hazards are recognised and accounted for. Download our Hazard Checklist to see if there are any areas that you need extra signage for.

Download our Catalogues

Safety Genius 2022 Product Catalogue

View our complete catalogue of all things safety signage related. Our full Product Catalogue has everything you need for workplace and worksite safety.

Transport Catalogue

Out on the road? Your vehicle needs to convey safety information clearly and accurately.

Trades & Construction Catalogue

Keep sites and workplaces safe from actual and potential hazards with customised signs for the industry.

Lockout | Tagout Catalogue

Practical and efficient safety systems and solutions help isolate potential hazards and ensure worker safety.

Electrician's Catalogue

From hazard signage to circuit breakers, Safety Genius provides everday solutions for all your electrical workplace needs.

Farming Catalogue

Down on the farm or in the cowshed, our catalogue of on-farm safety and signage solutions will meet all your rural safety needs.

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